Brand Strategy: The Tie That Binds

Brand Strategy:
The Tie That Binds
(Remember the Thesis Statement in High School English Class?)

Do you remember when we were in high school and had to write an essay for a homework assignment?

One of the key components of a well-written essay, as you may recall from your strict English composition teacher, is the thesis statement. That one statement that expressed the essay’s central idea and around which the essay was written.

That is exactly what brand strategy is all about. It is your company’s thesis statement.


Answering such questions as:

Who are we? What is our mission? What makes us different from our competitors? Why should a prospect do business with us? What can we promise that is valued and unique?  What is our O.P.O.? (Please see prior blog at Core Strength Marketing regarding O.P.O.-sorry I could not resist).

The answers to those questions form your brand strategy. That strategy is your company’s “thesis statement” and provides focus and synergy to your marketing communications as well as organizational alignment to your employees and colleagues.

Without a thesis statement, your essay likely lacked cohesiveness. The writing may have meandered, confused your reader and not made the point very effectively.

Without a brand strategy, your marketing efforts may also lack cohesiveness. You may be wasting precious marketing dollars and not differentiating yourself or worse, causing confusion in the minds of those you are trying to reach.

Remember the lesson you learned from your high school English teacher and please consider investing some time and energy on your thesis statement, your brand strategy.

It is the tie that binds your marketing and your organization together. In the end, having a thoughtful brand strategy differentiates you, can save you time and money and make your marketing and your organization more effective.