A company that designs and manufactures parts for the aerospace industry was well regarded by its current customers but was not attracting prospects to its site in order to obtain RFP’s and other opportunities. Like many b2b companies, they were a technology, product and sales driven company. They recognized the need for marketing help to support their in house expertise.

After a week of online research and a day at the company meeting with the President, and the heads of marketing and sales, Core Strength Marketing determined that in spite of their strong performance, their marketing was out of date and did not compare favorably with the competition and that coupled with a “remote” location cost them sufficient credibility to warrant a site visit and consideration. Their marketing was not supporting either the strong performance they were providing current customers nor the technological capabilities they offered prospects.

CSM wrote a brand strategy brief around the platform, “Performance You Need Today. Technology You’ll Need Tomorrow.” guiding the company’s repositioning. In 6 months time, the company had an updated name, logo, website, trade show presence and strategy, continuity of contact program, and social media strategy. All possible because of the road map indicated in the brand strategy brief. More than a ‘face lift”, the brand strategy drove internal performance metrics and technology initiatives. The company has since added a 30,000 sq. ft. addition, added new personnel and has been recognized by the Governor of the state as one of the fastest growing companies. The blog, A Brand is More… speaks to this strategy.

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