“Dennis helped us work wonders with our marketing message. He involved the whole staff from the first day, and guided us and pushed us along when needed. The results are great and I highly recommend him as a marketing consultant.”

Bill Aldeen


“Dennis truly brings a depth of experience to every engagement, has mastery of the subject matter, is a highly ethical and personnable professional. I think so much of Dennis that I tried to find a full time position for him at our company. I have always deeply respected Dennis and the value of his work.”

Peter Philippi


“Dennis has helped us at Wilson Funeral Home, to develop a brand image for our Funeral Home and to help us with creative media, our website, consistent image, and a support strategy for our local community. He has been a great help in getting our company focused and moving ahead in the right direction.”

Dennis Valenti


“A genuine person who knows “his stuff”, Dennis demystifies brand and marketing in a down-to-earth way. He is efficient and conscientious with a business’s resources providing relevant and feasible strategies ready for implementation…a refreshing and inspiring person to work with.”

Lee Ann Havenga


“Dennis was engaged by our firm as a consultant to help execute a number of marketing projects. Dennis has worked closely with our team and has been instrumental in helping us navigate the marking process. Dennis’s experience and thoughtful guidance has proven to be a real value. I would strongly recommend Dennis to anyone looking for a real leader and partner to help manage the marketing process.”

Aaron Polhemus


“Dennis is highly skilled in the area of strategic thinking, developing a marketing plan and brand positioning. He recently quarter-backed a branding project that I was working on and kept the project moving in the right direction. His strength is in identifying the single most important strategic difference between a company and its competitors. He does that through an efficient yet intensive discovery process and builds a brand statement around that strategic difference. I strongly recommend Dennis to anyone looking for a strong leader to help manage the marketing process.”

Catherine Vogel