“When it comes to brand building and strategic marketing, Dennis is the real deal. His sharply analytical eye and outside-the box-creativity provide businesses with messages that differentiate them from competitors, adding prestige and considerable gains in market share. Gifted with the rare ability for mentoring and inspiring people, Dennis brings unparalleled value by empowering his clients and their staff with all the tools they need to sustain the marketing agenda for the long-haul.”

Jane Leeds Giles


“Dennis Bailen has helped our company “find our way” in a very tough business environment. His marketing skills are solid, and his coaching techniques have greatly helped us to better define our market position. We highly recommend Dennis. If you want to learn more about Dennis and how he helped us please feel free to contact me.”

Fred Hackendahl


“Dennis helped us work wonders with our marketing message. He involved the whole staff from the first day, and guided us and pushed us along when needed. The results are great and I highly recommend him as a marketing consultant.”

Bill Aldeen


“Dennis truly brings a depth of experience to every engagement, has mastery of the subject matter, is a highly ethical and personnable professional. I think so much of Dennis that I tried to find a full time position for him at our company. I have always deeply respected Dennis and the value of his work.”

Peter Philippi