Brand Strategy and Business Scalability

Your brand is not what you do. Your brand is who you are.

The implication of that distinction is that a brand is significantly more than the products or services your business sells. It is the totality of experience your business delivers to your customers, prospects, vendors, associates, etc.

One of the key components of establishing your brand is consistency. Consistency of message, to be sure, but consistency of experience is paramount. The consistency of experience you provide to your various stakeholders and its relationship to your brand promise builds their trust, nourishes a relationship and engenders loyalty.

Consistency of experience can only be achieved if your company continually and regularly executes off of defined and replicable processes and protocols for the overall delivery of customer care and for product or service development and manufacture.

If these processes are not defined, replicable and managed, how can the experiences you provide your customers or other stakeholders have any degree of consistency? And if not, then how can your brand be defined? And if these practices are not defined and replicable, how can you grow your business?

Having a brand strategy does not guarantee your business will grow, but a thoughtful, strategic brand strategy will, at minimum, reinforce and tout or, at an extreme, re-engineer your company processes so that you have the ability to consistently, efficiently and productively deliver the brand promise experience.

The result is a more scalable business delivering a consistent experience though replicable processes therefore, unlocking greater growth potential and productivity.