Admittedly a very challenging business to market and differentiate and be appropriate and sensitive to the context within which the business functions.

After studying the industry, it was surprisingly apparent that in spite of the expressed need, funeral homes by and large were not offering grief support programs.

Core Strength Marketing, working with this client, developed the “Helping Hands for Healing Hearts” program. This program, held at the funeral home,  brought in grief experts to speak and held sessions for both clergy and the community. The first held in late October, entitled , “Getting through the Holidays, when You’re Grieving” attracted over 40 members of the clergy and over 100 members of the community. The program has been running several years and the business has gained market share.

Truly an example that doing good, can be good marketing as well as an example that any business can differentiate in a way that is meaningful and fills a need or want. The blog entitled, “Every Business has an O.P.O”. speaks to this strategy.

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