“I asked Dennis to assist me with rebranding my business and myself to be known more as a talent, leadership and culture consultant and less as a career coach. He has been thorough and deliberate in his assessment, doing considerable reading and research on my industry to better advise me. He has been incredibly resourceful, adaptive, insightful and all-around pleasure to work with. Dennis understands marketing and branding from the perspective of content, which is important to me. Dennis has had the right balance of pushing and pulling me to derive answers in the process. Those answers have not always come sequentially, but he is patient, though persistent in assisting in their evolution. He has provided great counsel for real-time projects and deliverables and is setting me up with what I will need for the full roll-out of the rebranding. I look forward to continuing to work with Dennis and highly recommend his services.”

Ginny Clark


“Dennis’ strength is in identifying the single most important strategic difference between your company and your competitors. He does that through an efficient yet intensive discovery process and builds your brand statement around that strategic difference. When my custom home building company became a client, we considered our differences to be-“No one works harder for the customer. No one cares more”. Dennis would not let us settle for what he knew were soft, undifferentiating and unsupportable statements.

After the discovery process, he developed the positioning line, “No detail too small. No amenity too great.” This was perfect positioning for our company and summarized our philosophy and way of doing business. He and his team then helped us support that positioning by identifying and copywriting numerous specific examples of construction quality cues and amenities we put in our homes and displayed them as individual plaques on a gallery wall in our office and in our homes. In some cases, we were sure we were not unique in the practices we displayed, but the fact that we were touting them while others were not made them ours and differentiated us. Prospects and customers responded very positively to these statements and saw this as a meaningful and compelling difference. Dennis is a marketing strategist who understands the power of the brand and how it must manifest itself in operations and marketing. He and his team have been a great asset for our business.”

Susan Wyle Schreiber


“Dennis is highly skilled in the area of strategic thinking, developing a strategic marketing plan and brand positioning. These are a few of his core competencies. He also is an excellent leader and director. I always call Dennis whenever I am starting a new project —because his ethics, integrity and values always point me in the right direction and his consultations are extremely valuable.”

Cathy Fitzhenry


“Dennis stepped into a multi-million dollar launch of a new product that required marketing expertise to accommodate the technical aspects. We successfully launched the product across multiple brands into three distinct countries. His expertise and abilities fit perfectly into our team and allowed the project to launch without issues.”

John Freudenberg